Strike Right™ Golf Swing Trainer

The Strike Right is not some gizmo that wraps, straps, or velcros you to a better golf game, and is anything but that old impact bag that slides all over and breaks apart after a few full speed swings.

The Strike Right™ is a commercial grade “through the ball” training system serving as a virtual swing coach and no-ball practice range. It’s used by top instructors and players at every level, from beginners to tour pros, because of its wide range of benefits and flexibility to adjust to any swing style or methodology.

“It’s not every day that a training device earns its way into my instruction, as well as into my home for personal use. I use the Strike Right for a wide range of drills–it’s really remarkable to watch how quickly the angled swing arm and position of the inverted impact pad help my students finally realize, and then change, faulty movements in their swing. I’ve spent decades helping golfers learn to move correctly in order to eliminate their over the top move – I only wish I had a Strike Right 30 years ago.” 

Martin Hall
Director of Golf Instruction, The Club at Ibis
Host of School of Golf, The Golf Channel
PGA National Teacher of the Year, 2008
Consistently named among Golf Digest’s “Top 50 Teachers”
and Golf Magazines “Top 100 Teachers”


Thanks to all of you that have made the Strike Right™ the talk of the golf industry:

-Commercial grade components and manufacturing process–built for home and commercial use, and use with actual golf clubs tolerating speeds in excess of 150 mph.

-New low profile base creates solid footprint and unimpeded clubhead clearance.

-Custom return and reset system allows full adjustability to swing arm angle for use with any type of player and swing method.

-Strike pad position on swing arm now adjustable for pitching and chipping training.

-Nascar inspired shock absorption padding and durable cover technology work with swing arm to allow for full speed training.

-Custom arm colors for schools and golf clubs now available on request.


If you have a passion for the game of golf, you deserve to Strike Right™!

Why is the Strike Right so effective?

1. The Strike Right is a “through the ball” (verses “to the ball”) training system. Top clubhead speed is not at the golf ball. It’s actually located at the point of the strike pad some 2-3 feet past the golf ball on the continuation of the circular path. Through-the-ball training on the Strike Right trains the complete release of a square clubhead to improve speed and path consistency. Finally, there is a way to eliminate your hit AT the ball tendency, and develop the “just let the ball get in the way” motion used by tour and long drive professionals.


2. The importance of no-ball training is overlooked by the golfers at every level. When in fact, it is the fastest way to incorporate swing changes and increase your clubhead speed. The presence of the golf ball creates “ball bound anxieties” that manifest into a myriad of mental and physical tensions, which in-turn create speed and path inconsistencies. Yet most golfers remain committed to working on their swings by “digging it out of the dirt” hitting thousands of golf balls. Removing the golf ball from your practice equation is the best way to eliminate “ball bound anxieties”, and feel and train the “Swing Free” feelings and movements required for top speed and clubhead path consistency.


3. The Strike Right is a virtual swing coach that provides both direction and feedback. The #1 difference between the swings of tour and long drive professionals and those of most golf enthusiasts is the angle of their spine lever coming through impact. The spines of the best ball strikers in the world are levered some 30 degrees away from their intended target through impact. The Strike Right swing arm returns to the 30 degree angle each and every repetition, providing the golfer a clear roadmap to proper movement. Match your spine angle to the swing arm through impact, and you will finally learn what it’s like to properly activate key anatomical levers, which will eliminate the over-the-top move and maximize clubhead speed through mechanical advantage. In order to deliver your clubhead squarely into the inverted strike pad, you must move and release the clubhead correctly.


4. Correct repetition is the key to developing new movement patterns. PERIOD. And once developed, the key to maintaining them. The Strike Right is a no-ball practice range available to you 24-7, no matter what the weather or season. The reason most golfers are on a never ending search for “the answer”, is because they never actually incorporate the changes they are attempting. Feel is not real–in all likelihood you are not moving the way you think you are. You read an article, watch a Youtube video, or attach a gizmo, and you’re excitedly off to your weekly range session to incorporate your “new move”. Sure enough, after a few range sessions and mounting disappointment, you’re headed back to Youtube to continue your search. If it takes the best players in the world many thousands of repetitions to make and maintain a swing change, why are you any different? The Strike Right is your private 24-7, no-ball practice range that allows you to dramatically increase your number of correct repetitions. You can work your swing any time of day, no matter what the weather or season, at your home, office, or practice range. Correct no-ball repetitions are the key to making swing changes, as well as maintaining good form once found.

“The Strike Right™ golf swing trainer is the only instructional system in the world that will eliminate the #1 problem that has haunted players the world over for hundreds of years–the over-the-top move. It’s a virtual swing coach available to golfers 24/7, 365 to help them see, feel, learn and perform a golf swing resulting in maximum club head speed, distance and accuracy. I’ve designed the Strike Right™ so you can work on everything from a wide range of drills, to full speed driver swings and short game chips and pitches, while at the range, at home or in your office–so weather, family time constraints, or work schedules are no longer an excuse for you not being your best for your next round of golf.”

Tom Duke, Inventor 

The Strike Right™ Golf Swing Trainer is a virtual swing coach that guides you in developing the core components in your golf swing:

  • Eliminate “over the top” behavior through activating the anatomical levers in your golf swing—the spine, shoulder line & hip line.
  • Learn to “wrecking ball” your pelvis—maximize your weight shift and hip vault.
  • Create the under, out and up path necessary to deliver the clubhead from the inside.
  • Fully load your golf swing to maximize power–train everything from full speed swings, to short game chips and pitches.
  • Learn to fully “unload” the head of the golf club into a complete release .
  • A must have trainer for tempo, sequence, slow-motion and positional drills.
  • Finally feel what it’s like to eliminate “ball-bound” related physical tension and mental anxiety.
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