“We can fundamentally change the way the golf swing is instructed.”

-Mike Dunaway and Tom Duke

Tom Duke

Tom Duke is the Founder of The Wind and Sling Golf Swing and WindandSling.com, and inventor of the Strike Right™ Golf Swing Trainer and the StableEyes™ Swing Stabilization and Tempo trainer. He maintains the legacy of his mentor Mike Dunaway at DunawayLong.com, and carries on his teaching at WindandSling.com. Duke has demonstrated swing speeds in excess of 145 mph, and was a finalist at the 2013 REMAX Long Drive World Championships in Mesquite, Nevada. He was a Collegiate All-America, a two time 4th round draft choice of the Cleveland Indians, earned a Masters in Business Administration, and is certified by the AO Foundation for orthopedic and spine consultation.

“The development of the Wind and Sling Golf Swing system stemmed from decades of past experience in orthopedic and spine consulting. The knowledge I gained from the best surgeons and specialists in the world contradicted much of the ‘modern swing’ golf instruction available. The spine is NOT a spring or a rubber band, yet that conceptual approach to powering the golf swing continues to be the foundation of mainstream instruction. My dedicated and full-time search for the most anatomically efficient golf swing was the result of years of frustration, lack of improvement and injury associated with mainstream instructional concepts around the modern swing. ”

“I began my search with the current day, high-profile teachers heavily promoted in mainstream golf media, and then to the turn of the century ‘sweet swinging’ greats. My golf game and life changed through my work with my teacher and mentor Mike Dunaway, regarded by many as the greatest driver of the golf ball, ever. Greg Norman recognized Mike as ‘the longest human on earth’ and Ken Venturi said ‘he combined distance and accuracy with a driver better than anyone I’ve ever seen.’ Extremely long and consistently accurate…two things that were not supposed to go together. It became quickly apparent that his techniques produced considerably more swing speed than the mainstream instructional methods, but resulted in remarkably straight flying shots. Mike and I wanted to fundamentally change the way the golf swing was instructed before his passing–I am carrying on those efforts at WindandSling.com.”

The Wind and Sling Golf Swing System provides golfers a comprehensive look at the why’s and how’s to using natural movement to actually amplify their output force. Wind and Sling is a perfect combination of distance, accuracy and anatomical ease.

“The Wind and Sling Golf Swing System, along with training on the Strike Right Golf Swing trainer will get you striking the ball further and straighter than you ever thought possible. Please take a few minutes to check out the rest of the site….and if you have any questions whatsoever, feel free to reach out to me at tom@slingitgolf.com….I look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you to the Wind and Sling team!”

My teacher, mentor, and friend—Mike Dunaway.

(In loving memory: February 1, 1955 – September 29, 2014)

The Wind and Sling Golf Swing is rooted in the techniques of Mike Dunaway, regarded by many as the greatest driver of the golf ball, ever. Greg Norman said, “Mike Dunaway is the longest living human on earth”, and Ken Venturi said “he combined distance and accuracy with a driver better than anyone I’ve ever seen.” Mike was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Long Drivers of America at the 2013 RE/MAX World Long Drive Championships, where this photo was taken. He is the pioneer of professional long drive and was personally mentored by Mike Austin, who still owns the record for the longest recorded drive in a PGA event. Dunaway is the only long drive professional to ever be featured on the cover of Golf Magazine, which he hosted twice. The August, 1985 issue was the magazine’s top selling newstand issue ever, where he issued a $10,000 challenge to anyone that could outhit him—nobody did. He founded the “350 Club”, and was internationally recognized as the longest hitter on the planet. He served as the Director of Golf at the Sands Hotel, and published “Hit it Long”, “World’s Best Driver”, and was the model for the highly acclaimed Sybervision Power Driving module which exceeded $1 million in sales. He remains the longest tenured Callaway staff member, and was the human “Iron Byron” for the company’s flagship Big Bertha Driver. He truly is the “Legend of Long Drive”.

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