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is the only power golf swing instructional system in the world rooted in the long drive secrets and techniques of the “Legend of Longdrive” Mike Dunaway, considered by many the greatest power golfer / driver of the ball the game of golf has ever seen. The SlingItGolf Swing System is a comprehensive collection of writings & instructional videos detailing the “why’s” + “how’s” for creating the perfect combination of distance, accuracy, & anatomical efficiency in your golf swing.

Never before seen look at the golf swing with a 120 page e-book & 6+ hours of video instruction. 

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The Strike Right™ is golfs’ only “through-the-ball” swing trainer. It functions as a virtual swing coach and no-ball practice range available to you 24-7, no matter the weather or season. The Strike Right is in use at Jim McLean Golf Schools and endorsed by top instructors like Martin Hall because it is equally effective across all swing systems, and on all player levels from beginner to tour professional.

“It’s not every day that a training device earns its way into my instruction, as well as into my home for personal use. I use the Strike Right for a wide range of drills–it’s really remarkable to watch how quickly the angled swing arm and position of the inverted impact pad help my students finally realize, and then change, faulty movements in their swing. I’ve spent decades helping golfers learn to move correctly in order to eliminate their over the top move – I only wish I had a Strike Right 30 years ago.” 

Martin Hall
Director of Golf Instruction, The Club at Ibis
Host of School of Golf, The Golf Channel
PGA National Teacher of the Year, 2008
Consistently named among Golf Digest’s “Top 50 Teachers”
and Golf Magazines “Top 100 Teachers”


StableEyes™ is a golf swing training app that uses visually timed cues to help you stabilize your swing center while developing the perfect 3:1 tempo ratio used by tour and long drive professionals. Swing center stabilization and proper golf swing tempo are essential keys to maximizing your clubhead speed for distance, and creating a predictable and repeatable clubhead path for consistency and accuracy.


The “Over-the-Top” move is the #1 swing flaw in the game of golf, as it creates a faulty path and dramatically decreases clubhead speed and accuracy. Check out this free video lesson to learn both the root cause of this swing epidemic, as well as how to eliminate it from your golf swing once and for all and get on your way to striking the ball as far and accurately as you can.



The “Swing Free” feeling is one that golfer’s of every level have searched for since Golf began. It’s the elusive feeling where the ball rockets off the clubface in the direction we intend–effortless on both the body and mind.

Weekend players experience it as catching “lightning in a bottle” a few times a round where the ball flys far and straight–those shots that make for proud discussion at the 19th hole. It’s the very same feeling that separates the top and bottom of the leader board, and keeps tour players “in the zone” and winning championships.

In “Swing Free: In Search of Golf’s Holy Grail”, we take a never before seen look at what swinging free really is, and why it’s so difficult to consistently “find”. You will also learn the drills that actually train this feeling, taking your mental and physical games to the next level.


The SlingItGolf Advanced Lesson Series is a graduate level look at how to most quickly incorporate the secrets of the games longest and straightest hitters ever into your golf swing. The Swing system provides a comprehensive foundation for understanding and performing the SlingItGolf swing. The Advanced Lesson Vol. 1 is an hour of additional drills and coaching points-what are the subtle “tricks”, feels, thoughts, drills and movements to help you take full advantage of the SlingItGolf techniques.

I learn from my students every day, and see the things that speed up their progression of learning. The SlingItGolf Advanced Lesson Volume 1 is a continued learning experience to keep you moving down the correct path to the best golf of your life.

Q: What’s the #1 difference between your golf swing and that of tour and long drive professionals?

A: The angle of your spine lever at impact.

Longer and Straighter Stories

“I’m a longtime scratch golfer, and take pride in always digging it out of the dirt. I’m anything but a swing aid guy, and actually chuckle to myself with the laughable stuff you see out there year after year. In just 30 seconds with the Strike Right™, I was able to feel what I have searched for through hundreds of thousands of range balls over a lifetime. I actually shook my head in amazement thinking 30 years in 30 seconds…spine angle at impact, clearing the hips, inside to out path, feeling the hands release. And the great thing is I can reinforce these feelings any time I want right in my own tv room. This is the first, and most likely the last, swing trainer I will take the time to use or comment on. It’s a practice and game changer for me, Mr. Duke, well done, good luck and thank you.”  Roy Valette

“To teach the feel of the golf swing in a non mechanical and natural way that allows our inherent athletic ability to develop an understanding of what we need to do is no small task.  I can’t say enough good things about Tom Duke, and I am someone who is not easily impressed. The Wind and Sling Golf Swing system accomplishes that task and so much more.  I’ve played golf for over 25 years and like many have always been searching for ways not only improve my ball striking, but increase my consistency.  My research into the swing has lead me to read and watch many of the great golfers and instructors in the game and try to understand their thoughts on the golf swing.  It seems that as time has progressed the golf swing has become more and more complicated.  While we have a plethora of technology available, from launch angles to ball spin rates, there have been no marked increases for the average player in distance or scoring.  Despite what we hear about how all the new clubs and balls give an increased advantage to the current player, most have not seen an improvement in their game in years. I fall into the same category. I feel very fortunate to have been able to watch and learn Tom’s simple and effective way of teaching the swing.  Not only is the Wind and Sling golf swing easy to learn, it just makes sense in an uncomplicated way.  The writings are very specific to movements and feels, and the video tutorials are clear, beautifully broken down, and sequenced in a systematic way that enhances learning.  Coupling the clear teaching methodology in the swing system with the Strike Right Memory Movement training program has resulted in proven results, and gives me a great deal of confidence that my ball striking will only continue to improve as my swing continues to simplify. Thank you, Tom, for a great experience and eye-opening journey.”

Mark (last name withheld), United States Army Special Forces

(A most sincere thank you to all of the brave men and woman that fight for our freedom.)



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